Rob Beudeker

“Without a doubt, innovation is the key to a better world – and innovation is realized best through collaboration! By working with people inside and outside of DSM, we can create multidisciplinary teams and achieve more.”

Biggest passion outside work:

When he escapes the investment world, Rob can be found either on the sports field or enjoying one of his favorite pieces of literature.


Rob joined DSM in 1998 after the acquisition of Gist-Brocades (where he started working in 1984). During his time at DSM, Rob worked in various R&D functions as well as in New Business Development. Before joining DSM Venturing, Rob was Vice President of Innovation at DSM Human Nutrition & Health in Switzerland. Rob was also active as Theme Director Nutrition and Health at TiFN, coordinating public-private partnerships from 2016 to2021.

Rob is a member of the boards of Nutrileads, JavaFoods , Frontier Nutrition , Phynova  and Deep Branch Biotechnology.

Rob has an MSc in Biology and a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He completed a postdoctoral degree in molecular biology at the University of Texas in Austin. He also holds MBAs from the Universities of Rotterdam (NL)and Rochester (NY).