Philip Hul

“It’s really inspiring to meet so many brilliant startups – and the people who drive them – as part of my work. Securing win-win situations for DSM, with strategic value and improved sustainability for both parties – that’s what makes corporate venturing so exciting.”

Biggest passion outside work:

Philip’s biggest passion is his family and loved ones. Next to this, he’s also an enthusiastic racing-bike cyclist, with a particular love of the mountains. He also likes movies, history, and sports – although there usually aren’t enough hours in the day to enjoy them all!


Philip joined DSM in 1989 and has since worked in several finance and ICT leadership positions. He joined the DSM Innovation Center in 2006. Since then, he has led finance and operational activities for emerging businesses in areas including specialty packaging, personalized nutrition, and solar. 

Since 2012, Philip has been involved in DSM Venturing – initially from a purely financial perspective, and from 2019 as a dedicated Deal Captain. His role combines financial (investment) and valuation aspects with broader responsibilities for deal terms and portfolio management.

Philip has a master’s degree in Economics (Tilburg, the Netherlands) and has completed several postdoctoral degrees in finance and internal auditing.