Greg McParland

‘’If I could explain what I do in one sentence, I’d say: working with innovative venture-backed entrepreneurial teams to achieve successful exits for founders and shareholders.’’

Biggest passion outside work:

When he’s not working on the latest important deal, Greg can be found on the golf course, working on his garden, relaxing with a book, or spending time with his wife and family. 


Greg joined DSM in 2011. Before this, he was CEO of several startups and public companies, including KIP Biotech, Avrio Biopharmaceuticals, and Girindus America Inc. He has also held a variety of senior executive positions in operations, program management, engineering, and business development at Altergy Fuel Cell Systems, Aerojet Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals, and Aerojet Rocket Propulsion Company.

Greg is a board member or board observer on several DSM portfolio companies, including Chinova Bioworks, Panaceutics Nutrition, Prenexus Health, ZeaVision, Natreon, Rootine, Tespo, Brains Bioceuticals, and Sun Genomics. In recent years, he has also been a board member for Harland Medical Systems, Ganeden Biotech, Blue Prairie Brands, Viocare, Xolve and Biomarker.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.