Cella Mlo

"Innovation requires an experimental mindset." - Denise Morrison

Biggest passion outside work:

Cella enjoys traveling, rescuing stray cats in Puerto Rico and is a fan of health (sugar-free diet) and fitness.


Before joining DSM venturing, Cella worked in a hedge fund as a Quantitative Analyst at Global Capital Consulting. Prior to that she had worked in the Wealth Management Division at Wells Fargo in 2018. Before Wells Fargo, she worked in the Venture Capital Team as an investment analyst at Harris & Harris Group (currently 180 Degree Capital) with a focus in disruptive biotech and pharmaceutical companies. She started her career at Aleutian Capital Partner where she assisted in various M&A transactions and supported with recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team.

Cella graduated from University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2012 with a B.SC. in Biochemistry with a focus in medicinal & polymers chemistry research. At UNCG, she was selected for an internship role to join a pharmaceutical company Banner Pharmacap, where she was given the opportunity to actively work with the R&D team.